Monday, August 4, 2008

Havanese Puppy Cut: How to Get it Right

Many of us know from the start that no matter the type of puppy we bring into our home, it will be loved unconditionally. But there is more information that must be known other then that. Knowing and understanding everything about your Havanese puppy’s history to grooming techniques and cuts will make sure that the transition into owning this dog is a smooth one. These are dogs that make not only great show dogs, but also wonderful house companions.

For most people, the grooming and care that is required for the Havanese puppy can be a shocking fact once the puppy is already into the home. So knowing your options is a key step. The ideal cut for these dogs is the Havanese puppy cut as it cuts down on brushing time, maintenance, and the risk of matting, which can lead to having to shave your puppy. Knowing the important facts about grooming your puppy is essential.
It is important that proper Havanese grooming begins early on in their puppy stage as this allows for the puppy to learn proper behavior while being groomed and a bond can grow during this process. While only a few keep the hair of their puppy long, most prefer the Havanese puppy cut as it is much easier to maintain. Brushing your Havanese allows you time to bond with your puppy but this also give you the chance to spot problems such as fleas and wounds.

Having the shorter Havanese puppy cut makes this task an easy one. Even with the Havanese puppy cut, owners will still want to brush their dogs a few times a week as they do still shed some. While they do not shed like other shorthaired dogs, the Havanese will shed some hair during brushing just as people do. Even with the puppy cut, you still want to brush regularly as this stimulates new hair growth and helps to distribute natural, healthy oils within their hair.
Now that we better understand the benefits for proper grooming and giving your little one the Havanese puppy cut, it is now time to understand what is needed to make a good cut happen properly. There are a few Havanese grooming supplies that all owners should have on hand in order to promote good Havanese grooming. You will want to have on hand a combination comb, a small soft slicker brush, a pin brush, and a flea comb. You also don’t want to forget that a really good conditioner is needed for keeping their coat in top shape.

To get the best Havanese puppy cut, it is important that your dog is placed on a sturdy table for the grooming process. And to prevent your puppy from sliding around or slipping off of the table, you will want to place a small towel and rubber backed mat down onto the table first. The proper Havanese puppy cut is one where the entire coat is trimmed down to about one inch. You will want to leave the ears and tail fully feathered to achieve the puppy look. By giving your loved one a puppy cut you and the pup will receive many benefits from practical maintenance to beauty.

Sharing with others the reasons for the Havanese puppy cut is just one of the ways to achieve that. Havanese grooming is not hard but there are important details that should be kept in mind. Knowing these facts and using the Havanese puppy cut will make your time with your puppy a treasured one. And while you don’t need a lot of Havanese grooming supplies, there are a few that are a must have in order to keep up the Havanese puppy cut.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Standard Supplies For Havanese Puppy Care

Havanese puppies are a great choice if you are seeking a new lifelong companion. These affectionate, easy-going dogs are gentle and they get along with just about everyone! Their small size makes them a great choice for a family with small children. Unlike many small dogs, however, Havanese puppies are not “yippy.” They are sweet dogs, and they have no problems being around dogs of any other sort.

Though Havanese puppies require a lot of training, they are very intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. Also, the love and companionship they give you in return makes taking the time to train them extremely rewarding. Before deciding to become a mommy or daddy to a Havanese puppy, it is important to make sure that you have the time and ability to care for and raise your Havanese pup. Only once you are sure you can make this commitment should you look into adopting a Havanese puppy of your own.
It can be difficult to take time out of your family life to raise or train a puppy. However, Havanese puppies require constant care and vigorous training early on. For people who do not have flexibility within their daily schedule to train, groom and walk a Havanese pup the care required of a dog owner might seem overwhelming.

Housetraining might seem like a pain at first, because Havanese puppies tend to require more training than other dogs—especially in the potty-training department. However, the dogs’ natural intelligence will make training easier. Grooming is another task that can take lots of time out of your day. Havanese puppies require lots of hair cuts and brushing because they are one of the only dogs that do not naturally shed their long fur. Finally, walking your Havanese puppy is another important part of care. These puppies are energetic and need daily exercise. Havanese puppies are not for everyone, but if you can manage to merge their needs into your life then you will reap the many rewards of training these adorable pups.
Before buying a Havanese puppy, it is important to make sure that you can provide it with the proper puppy care. Taking into consideration the time, money, and effort you are willing to put into caring for and raising your Havanese pup is crucial. After you assess the commitment you are undertaking, you should prepare for the arrival of you Havanese puppy ahead of time. Make sure to purchase a bed, food, toys, and all other items needed for Havanese puppy care.

Havanese puppies sound like a lot of work—and they are. Just like any living thing, they require effort and patience. Most of all, however, Havanese pups require love and care from a devoted owner. Yet, the reason that many people choose to adopt Havanese puppies is that the bargain is by no means one-sided. In return for your love and devotion, Havanese puppies will truly fulfill the role of “man’s best friend.”

The affection, sweetness, and eagerness of Havanese puppies make the tough training process well worth the work involved. Whether or not you can provide proper Havanese puppy care is an essential consideration of anyone planning on adopting a Havanese pup.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Havanese Puppies: The Perfect Close Quarters Dog

There is a special connection between dog lovers and a little known breed called the Havanese. Havanese puppies are quickly gaining in popularity across the country, and it’s not just competitors that are finding this lovable little breed to be so desirable, but families around the country are realizing that with the Havanese puppies being so mild mannered, they are the perfect little dogs for homes with children. If you have been considering getting your child their first dog, then the Havanese may well be the perfect choice for you.

Choosing the right Havanese puppies for your family doesn’t have to be a difficult process, either. As long as you understand what to look for, and know what a healthy dog looks like, buying Havanese puppies can be a rather enjoyable experience. And if you know that the dogs you are choosing from are healthy, then you can focus on simply picking the perfect pup for you.
When choosing Havanese puppies, you want to make certain that their coats are clean, fluffy, and shiny. A lack of any one of these factors may be an indication that they are under fed, or are not receiving the proper nutrition. Also, you should check to make certain that your pups teeth look like they are clean and healthy. Poor tooth condition can also be a sign of poor nutrition and should be carefully avoided when choosing a dog.

It is also very important that the Havanese puppies the breeder you choose has available are energetic and playful. These dogs are typically very high-energy, and any sign of lethargy may be a sign that the dogs are under nourished. Havanese puppies are also prone to depression, as they are typically very affectionate in nature. If they have been mistreated by their breeders in any way they may not know how to show signs of interest in other humans.
Choosing the right puppy is a very simple process once you have ascertained that the Havanese puppies you are choosing from are healthy. The best way to choose Havanese puppies is to, if at all possible, visit the breeder’s kennel or owner’s home so that you can interact with the pups before you make a final decision. If you are choosing a Havanese puppy for your child be sure to take them with you, so that you can see how each puppy interacts with them, as well.

As long as you make certain that your Havanese puppies have been well cared for and received proper attention and medical treatment they will provide you and your family with many years of love and affection. Like any small breed, they require extra attention to ensure that they live a long and healthy life. But with their mild tempered and extraordinarily playful personalities these cheerful little dogs are the perfect addition to any dog loving home!

For anyone living in a small house or apartment, Havanese puppies are the perfect solution to having a dog without the headache of having a large breed dog in close quarters. For anyone who wants to have a puppy, but lives in an apartment or small house, this article will show you how to choose the right Havanese puppy for you.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Information about the Havanese Puppy

The Havanese is a cute and compact dog, weighing in anywhere from seven to fifteen pounds and standing at a height of eight to eleven inches. This dog is generally sweet natured and eager to please, making it a good choice for most families. With its small size, these puppies can work well in an apartment as well as a house, as long as they are walked regularly. Because of its intelligence, the Havanese puppy will often be relatively easy to train.

However, a Havanese puppy isn’t necessarily right for everyone, although that might be easy to forget when you are gazing upon one of those fuzzy little faces. A Havanese puppy is a precious and enticing sight indeed, but never rush into the purchase of one of these dogs. If you are considering the addition of one of these adorable pups to your family, it is important that you educate yourself about the care of the Havanese puppy before you bring one into your home.
Once you have read a few articles and perhaps talked to a handful of Havanese experts, you are ready to continue with the process. So how do you find your Havanese puppy? Pet stores are not a good choice, since many of the animals that come into these retail outfits were originally bred in puppy mills – places that are more interested in profit than in producing quality animals. A reputable breeder is the best option in finding a Havanese puppy that will be healthy and a happy pet. To find a good breeder in your area, talk to other Havanese owners or your veterinarian.

Your breeder of choice will invite you over to check out his latest litter of Havanese puppies. Rest assured that every creature in the bunch will be cute enough to tempt you to take him home. Remain strong, and allow logic to prevail here if you want to get the best puppy for your family. Know the type of dog that you are looking for, including the gender that you prefer, before you show up on the breeder’s doorstep. This will allow your breeder to help you select the right dog for you.
Choosing the perfect Havanese puppy for your family is an important step towards years of enjoyment and companionship with your new pet. The next step will be to name your puppy. What is in a name? Sometimes this is the hardest part of the new pet experience. There are a number of methods you can use to select the right title for your Havanese. Since these dogs originated in Havana, Cuba, you could go with a Spanish name like Diego or Pancho. You could also base your Havanese puppy name on his personality, like Spunky. Or you could simply go with the most popular name for Havanese puppies; Scruffy.

No matter what Havanese puppy name you choose, you can rest assured that the tiny ball of fluff that you brought into your family will bring you years of fun and enjoyment. With the proper care and training, a Havanese will make a great family pet and the perfect companion. Have fun with your Havanese!

Articles like this one will give you the information that you need about Havanese puppies to determine a good fit for your family. By researching Havanese puppy names, you will be able to choose the best possible name for your new pet.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Finding a Havanese Puppy for Sale Online

Deciding to welcome a dog into your family can be an exciting time. Dogs are not only popular pets, but can be lifelong friends and companions. Once you decide to add a dog to your family, the next step is selecting the right breed. A popular choice for a lot of families, are Havanese puppies. Havanese puppies are popular choices for families because of their small size and friendly personalities.

While mixed-breeds may be available locally, finding a pure-breed Havanese puppy for sale can sometimes be difficult. Unlike other breeds, Havanese puppies are rarely for sale at pet stores or available for adoption at shelters. But using an Internet pet stores can be a great option. Online pet stores allow breeders to showcase Havanese puppies for sale, and give your far more options than if you were only to look at local breeders. With so many choices, you are bound to find the perfect Havanese puppy for your family.
Once you decide that you want to find a Havanese puppy for sale to add to your family, it’s hard to know what to do next. An online search will net you hundreds of websites devoted to showcasing Havanese puppies for sale. Breeders no longer need to advertise through pet stores or specialty magazines, as they can share all the information for their puppies online worldwide. While there are few differences between the major websites that offer Havanese puppies for sale, the breeders that advertise there can vary quite a bit.

There are a few things that you will want to consider before deciding which puppy you want as a part of your family. First, and most simply, is the dog itself. Look at pictures and read descriptions of the dog to find one that you think will fit in your family. The second thing to consider is the price. Havanese puppies can be quite expensive so set a price limit for your family, and choose one that meets that requirement. Finally, look at the breeders themselves. You will want to find a breeder that is experienced, treats the puppies like it’s one of their own, and is willing to help you find the right puppy for your family (instead of just trying to find a family for their puppy).
Before you bring home the newest member of your family, there are some things that you need to make sure to do. After finding a great breeder with Havanese puppies for sale but before completing the purchase of your puppy, make sure that you puppy-proof your home. While many breeders will want to see your home to make sure it is ready for a puppy before they give you your dog, you will want to make sure to do this even if they don’t make a home visit. Make sure to purchase the basic supplies for your Havanese puppy, such as a water bowl, food bowl, leash, ID collar, dog bed, brush/grooming tools, and high quality dog food. Once you get your Havanese puppy home, you can get more supplies and toys, but it’s important to be ready with the basics to start. Also make sure to do some reading so you know what to expect from Havanese puppies after the purchase of your puppy so you can be sure to have a happy transition.

Her experience with dog breeders helped her to learn that the sale of Havanese puppies online is the best way for a family to find the right dog for them. The AUTHOR shares her knowledge in this article to help you find the right dog for your family, as well as purchase the right Havanese puppy supplies.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Basic Tips For Finding Havanese Puppies For Sale

When searching for Havanese puppies for sale, there are many things that every potential buyer should understand. The most important of which is the fact that the Havanese breed requires a certain amount of special attention as they were, until quite recently, an endangered breed. The original dogs, sometimes also called Bichon Havanais are thought to be completely extinct. But with a few dogs having been smuggled into the U.S. from Cuba in the early 1900’s, the Havanese breed has gained in popularity over the last several years.

The once rarity of being able to find Havanese puppies for sale, has made the breed even more popular in recent years. Breeders are quickly realizing that these special little dogs are not only the perfect size for a family pet; but also that their mild temperament makes them the perfect choice for families with children. You most certainly have to respect the tenacity of these little dogs, not only for surviving what might have been the end of a very special breed; but also for winning the hearts of families and breeders around the world.
When searching for Havanese puppies for sale, many potential buyers are unsure as to whether or not they should focus on buying a registered pup, or simply purchase an unregistered dog. Considering the fact that there is about a thousand dollars difference in price between a pup with papers and one without, it will all depend on what your reasons for buying a Havanese are. Are you simply looking for the perfect family pet; or are you looking to breed with another Havanese in order to have puppies of your own to sell?

If you want to have your own Havanese puppies for sale somewhere down the road, then it is an absolute certainty that you will need to spend the money on a registered pup. If you simply love the breed for their energy and fierce loyalty, and want to have one of the very best breeds as a member of your family, then it isn’t nearly as important to have your Havanese papered. In fact, if you don’t ever plan on breeding or showing your Havanese, then a registered pup isn’t necessary at all.
There is a wealth of information available from your vet that will help you to recognize a healthy Havanese when you see one. These small pups should always have a nice, fluffy, clean coat, be fleshed out nicely by the time they are made available for sale and should be playful and energetic. A dog that does not have each of these qualities, can generally be considered an uncared for dog.

But finding healthy Havanese puppies for sale doesn’t have to be a difficult process. As long as you have done everything you can to make sure that your puppy has been well cared for, then you can rest assured that you have chosen wisely. Havanese puppies are wonderful dogs that require much the same care as any other small dog. Be sure that your dog is well fed, has regular vet checkups, and gets plenty of exercise; and you will help to ensure that you and your new dog have a long a happy life together.

Havanese puppies have survived almost certain extinction, and are quickly gaining in popularity as a breed. If you want to know about the importance of Havanese puppy care by breeders, this article will explain why this is so important.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is This Havanese Breeder the Right One for You

When people think of purchasing a full-bred puppy, many of them automatically think of their local pet shop. But this may not be the best choice at all and there are many reasons behind it. A pet store does not generally see where their puppies come from, what type of living conditions they had, or if they were being treated properly not only in the physical sense but emotionally too. Often times, these puppies end up coming from what is known as puppy mills.

A puppy that comes from a puppy mill is not one you want as they may end up with problems that are not visible right now. And when selecting a puppy from a pet store, you are not likely to get a salesperson that has extensive knowledge about your puppy. They generally just read over a small description of the dog when it comes in, unlike a Havanese breeder who has studied these dogs for years. Pet store employees cannot provide you with the detailed information you need in order to properly make the judgment call if that puppy is the right one for you.
In order to make sure you have a well-rounded puppy, you will want to get yours from your local Havanese breeder. And you must make sure that this breeder has more for their breeding then love for the puppies, but they also need to have a lot of knowledge about the breed. This is so that you can ask the questions you need and get the right answers to better prepare you for your new life with your Havanese puppy.

It is best to prepare a list of questions you have just to make sure that you don’t get caught up in the moment of picking out a cute puppy instead of educating yourself in what their history is and what to expect from the Havanese. Make sure you investigate the puppies home and surroundings so that you know your puppy is not coming from a puppy mill. The breeder should have plenty of love for the pups and Havanese information for you to review and think over and this is not something that you will find with pet store employees.
All in all, when it comes time to start looking for your new Havanese puppy, make sure that you are first selecting the right place to shop and look around. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Educate yourself as much as possible before going and have that list of questions ready to ask. A Havanese breeder should have no problem in answering your questions as a pet store employee would.

Making the right decisions in the purchasing process can save you years of grief and thousands of dollars. The last thing you want is to have a puppy who is smaller then you wanted or noisier then you wanted. You also do not want stuck with vet bills that you weren’t expecting because no one informed you of any possible genetic issues that may arise with a certain breed. Basically, do not make this decision based on emotions. Take your time and think it all over before jumping in to buy a new Havanese puppy.

This makes for the best possible experience when selecting your puppy. This author knows that picking the right Havanese breeder to purchase your puppy is one of the most important decisions you will make in the process. Selecting the right Havanese breeder is critical. The article explains why going with someone who is well versed in Havanese information is best.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Havanese Breeding Is A Bitch

If you are thinking about what’s the best Havanese care there is for your Havanese, get them spayed or neutered. Havanese breeding takes a lot of time, money and personal resources that will not be reimbursed by selling the puppies. If you do decide to breed an exceptionally healthy, friendly and beautiful Havanese, you need to be sure there will be homes for the puppies BEFORE Mom and Dad ever meet. The Havanese information about breeding the dogs “for the heck of it” is grim. Those puppies will most likely wind up in a shelter.

Before you even think of Havanese breeding, know that you will have to fork out a lot of money up front. You must do it to enhance the breed and to enhance the next generation of pet dogs and not for money, or don’t bother. Proper, responsible Havanese breeding is done very small scale, in your home and with lots of vet tests done before sending Mon to the stud.
Your Havanese breeding stock and pups have to be very healthy and undergo many tests for any congenital defects like deafness, luxating patella and hip dysplagia. You can breed your Havanese naturally or with artificial insemination at the vet’s. Mom needs regular check ups throughout her pregnancy, lots of quality high protein food and regular exercise for as long as she can handle it.

Birth in dogs is usually a very undramatic affair. Still, read all of the Havanese information on what you need to know about dog births in order to settle yourself down and give Mom some peace. You need to have a quiet place in your home where Mom can whelp. Introduce her to the spot so she knows this is the place. Still, she’ll probably try to give birth on your bed anyway. Just plonk her into the whelping area and she’ll resign herself to that place.
Giving birth and raising the puppies to eight weeks of age is the easy part of Havanese breeding. That will go by really fast. The puppies will need to go to the vet when the vet recommends. They need tests and their first shots before they can be sold. Now comes the hard part – getting the pups to their new homes. Hopefully, you have a waiting list by now, but advertisements on dog web sites should gather interested buyers.

You need to vet your pup’s owners just as much as the pups needed vetting. Do they know what they are getting into? Do they need any extra Havanese information? Have they a vet that can give them a character reference? Responsible Havanese breeders have a clause in the contract that if the buyer has to give up the puppy for any reason, even when the dog has grown up, you will take the grown pup back.

The article was written to share a vast amount of experience relating to small dog breeds, including Havanese care and breeding. This author has had numerous articles published about Havanese care, Havanese breeding and Havanese information.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What Your Havanese Breeder May Not Be Telling You

Havanese puppies are one of the most loveable toy breeds available today. These beautiful little dogs provide fierce loyalty and affection to their owners throughout their entire lives, and deserve nothing less in return. Having only gained official recognition in the United States in the 1970’s these sweet little dogs have quickly gained popularity in dog lovers and competitors alike. This has opened up a huge market for respectable Havanese breeders although potential owners must still generally wait months, or even years, for the pup they so desire.

This has led to many dishonest breeders, otherwise known as puppy brokers, taking advantage of these dog lovers’ desire, and offering less than healthy pups for sale. Even though it can be quite tempting to purchase a Havanese from a pet store, as opposed to a Havanese breeder, brokers often supply these stores. Since the Havanese is prone to several genetic health problems, there is a rather extensive testing process done by honest breeders to ensure only healthy pups are sold. Brokers do not follow this testing, and are only interested in supply and demand.

Respectable Havanese breeders will make a potential buyer wait as long as it takes to ensure that the pups born are healthy. There is a rather extensive medical testing process that all Havanese pups need to go through, in order to make certain that they do not have any of the genetic problems as mentioned above. If the Havanese breeder you have chosen is honest, there will be quite a bit of documentation associated with this testing process. Make sure that you ask to see these papers, and be sure to check them out, either online on over the phone.

Another important question that should be asked of all Havanese breeders, is whether or not they will breed the same female every time she is in season. If the answer to this question is yes, then you are most likely dealing with a dishonest puppy broker, as opposed to an honest puppy breeder who respects the dogs that he or she is breeding. A respectable Havanese breeder will only breed a female every other season, or even every two seasons. This helps to ensure that the female has plenty of time to recover between litters.
When you consider the fact that a single Havanese puppy can cost you well over $1000, it seems only obvious that most people would want to make certain that they were getting their money’s worth in the pup they chose. Sadly, many people are simply in too much of a hurry to have their highly coveted dog right away to ensure that the practices of the Havanese breeder they have chosen are respectable and honest.

If you are unsure of how to choose a quality Havanese breeder, you should talk to your veterinarian, or to your local kennel club, and ask for a recommendation as to which Havanese breeder they hold in the highest regard. Remember, these adorable little pups are going to provide you with a lifetime of love and affection and it is worth the wait to ensure that you have a properly tested, and properly registered dog.

Understanding the difference between puppy brokers and quality Havanese breeders is an important part of Havanese ownership. This article provides valuable Havanese information for those who want to know how to choose between quality Havanese breeders and less than reputable puppy brokers.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Choosing An Honest Havanese Breeder

With Havanese puppies becoming so popular over the last forty years, there has been a rash of dishonest breeders popping up in an effort to make a profit on the ever increasing demand for these playful little pups. These dishonest breeders, otherwise known as puppy brokers, have little regard for the condition of the lives of their dogs. Instead they are only interested in how many pups they can churn out in a single breeding season.

While spotting an honest Havanese breeder may be a chore, it really isn’t all that difficult if you know what to look for. These puppy brokers are usually the ones who supply Havanese puppies to pet stores across the country. One of the first steps to avoiding a dishonest Havanese breeder, is to be sure that you do your due diligence and research any breeder you are considering buying a puppy from. Part of doing this research, is avoiding buying a pup from a pet store, and instead only purchasing from an honest breeder.
Fake documentation is the number one method of operation by a fake Havanese breeder. This includes both false registration papers, as well as fake medical documents. Unfortunately, these papers are relatively simple to forge and are often mistaken as the real thing by unsuspecting buyers. You can help to protect yourself from this dishonest practice, however, simply by thoroughly researching any papers you are given by a potential Havanese breeder. This is much easier than people think.

The first step is to check the available online database of whichever association is listed on your pup’s registration papers. These databases allow you to not only be sure that your pup has been properly registered, but also to ascertain the exact registration of its parents. A check into the vet listed on any medical documentation will allow you to be certain that your pup has had all of the necessary tests done to ensure its health.
Also, it is important that you ask a potential Havanese breeder that you are considering how often they breed the female dogs in their care. If they tell you that they breed them every season, it is a good possibility that you are dealing with a fake Havanese breeder. Also, if the Havanese breeder in question tries to pressure you into a quick sale, you should be extremely wary, and run the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

As you can see there are many ways that you can make certain to avoid a dishonest Havanese breeder. The most important thing to remember is that only you can do the necessary research to ensure that your pup is exactly what you want. Havanese puppies are a wonderful addition to any home, and are well worth the wait necessary to ensure that you are getting your pup from an honest Havanese breeder.

Spotting dishonest Havanese breeders is easy once one is armed with all of the necessary information. Anyone looking for Havanese information on how to recognize a dishonest Havanese breeder needs to read this article.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Becoming a Havanese Breeder

Havanese breeders are very sought after. Not only are the puppies they produce extremely cute, they also make perfect pets. They are great people dogs and often act as though they are another human member of the family. For that reason, many families wish to include a Havanese as an addition. There’s bound to be a Havanese breeder in your area. You can visit your local pet stores to see if they know of any Havanese breeders in your area, you can search the local phone book if any of them have posted listings, or you can search the Internet. Social networking sites are usually where you will find most Havanese breeders. The puppies aren’t cheap so be prepared to spend a little bit more than you’d normally spend for a purebred puppy but the money is well worth it. You’ll see as soon as you place your new best friends in your arms for the very first time.
Once you get your new Havanese puppy home, you’ll want to make sure it is completely comfortable. If you have other pets in the home, such as another dog, your best bet is to put the dog in the bathroom so that it can sniff the new puppy under the door. This is a great way to get them used to each other. If you have small children, make sure you keep a close eye to make sure they are not rough with the new puppy. Havanese puppies make great pets and they make even better additions to families. As long as you provide the love and support they need, they’ll continue to love you right back in every way possible. Ask your Havanese breeder for any tips on training your new puppy as well as how to house train it, as you’ll want to begin this almost immediately. You’ve just brought home your new best friend so make sure you play with your new puppy as much as possible as they will love all the attention they can get.
Your new Havanese puppy will hopefully make itself right at home. Just make sure you keep a watchful eye out for your other pets, or your children, especially if they are really small, to make sure they are being gentle with your new best friend. Also, make sure you listen to your Havanese breeder and your veterinarian as far as giving any medications or preventative medicine that may have been prescribed. You want your new pet to live a long and healthy life and it is up to you to make sure it does. Your new Havanese puppy will provide you with unconditional love, and you should give the same right back. So play with your puppy, train it to the best of your abilities, and you’ll be sure to have a great relationship for many years to come. Now all you have to decide is what to name your new beloved Havanese puppy.

Check to see if your Havanese breeder has given your new puppy its required shots. My new puppy adjusted quickly to my home, but it helped that I researched Havanese information so that I could anticipate any problems that might arise.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Interesting Facts About Havanese Dogs

If a person is thinking about getting a new dog for his or her family, that person may wish to consider the small dog breed called the Havanese dog. This is a dog that originates from breeding in Cuba, and has been made somewhat more famous due to celebrities such as Barbara Walters owning them. This is a very varied type of dog. Havanese dogs may come in many different fur types and colors. In fact, very few colors and fur types and combinations will exclude them from being shown.

The Havanese dog breed is considered a very intelligent and a highly-trainable one. Dog lovers will find many reasons to buy this particular breed. First of all, this dog does not shed so it is considered hypoallergenic, which is great for anyone who is allergic to dogs. Second of all, Havanese dogs have a great temperament and even enjoys playing with children. Third of all, Havanese dogs are considered to be very healthy and most are healthier than the average small breed dog according to reliable Havanese information.
The Havanese dog’s lack of shedding makes heaven means a great dog to purchase or adopt. Although no animal does not shed at all, Havanese dogs come as close to it as possible. Although this means pet owners must brush the dog regularly, it can be a wonderful trait for anyone that has dog allergies.

The Havanese is also a great read to purchase due to the fact that they are better for families than many small dog breeds. The Havanese temperament allows even younger children to be safe playing with them. Unlike many small dog breeds, Havanese dogs do not get nervous around people.

The health of Havanese dogs is yet another reason to consider purchasing this type of small dog breed. Although many purebred dogs may have issues with their health, Havanese dogs are generally a hardy breed. They're particularly hardy in when compared to other small dog breeds.
When choosing a dog for one's family, there are many factors a person should consider that they may not. Often times, it is tempting as for a person and their family to go to a pet store and simply got the cutest puppy. However, this method does not necessarily the best, as you may not know what that puppy will grow into.

Havanese Dogs are one breed that potential pet owners do not have to guess about. This breed is hypoallergenic, meaning they do not shed. Havanese Dogs are also very temperamental; they even get along with small children in most cases. Havanese Dogs are also a very healthy breed, meaning owners will not have to worry about large vet bills in most cases with this type of dog. Havanese Dogs are also very smart, trainable dog that would make a great addition to nearly every household. With this type of dog breed, it is difficult to go wrong, unlike the situation that may occur with other types of small dog breeds.

The Havanese is a wonderful small dog that is very well-known for its fantastic ability to not shed, its good temperament, and the good health of its breed. If you are looking for what to expect with the Havanese you will be able to learn the basics of this breed in this article.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Havanese Dog and their Owners

In the 1900’s the Havanese dog went through a rough time as a breed. Since then, this dog has grown in popularity as a companion and a family pet, particularly in the United States. When this breed was harder to find, the cost of the Havanese dog had gone up considerably. Today, despite the increased availability of the breed, you can still find Havanese pups for as much as $1000. One of the biggest reasons that this breed is so sought after is the personality of the Havanese. If you are looking for a pet that will always be ready to play, will show unending loyalty to his family and keep you entertained regularly, then the Havanese is the dog for you. They also tend to work well in homes with children and other pets, although their small size can put them at a bit of a disadvantage. Don’t let that small size fool you however, Havanese dogs are fairly fearless, and make surprisingly good watchdogs. Their energy and playfulness will remain with them well into adulthood as well, so you don’t have to worry about your Havanese pup slowing down any time soon.
Although Havanese dogs tend to be submissive, eager to please and intelligent, this does not always translate to a dog that is easy to housebreak. Some breeders will warn potential Havanese owners that these pups will take some time and plenty of patience to learn the potty habit. One method that some Havanese owners have found to be effective is the use of a litter box indoors, which is a new housebreaking process that is being used more and more by owners of toy breeds. Havanese dogs also do best with a confined area outdoors that they can run in, although the space doesn’t need to be terribly large. This breed tends to have a lot of energy, and exercise outdoors can help them to work some of it off. The Havanese is also a social dog that loves plenty of attention from his family, so if you live in a house where no one is home all day, this might not be the right choice of dog for you. A Havanese that gets lonely and bored may well become a destructive dog.
All in all, the Havanese can be a great choice for a companion to an adult or as a family pet. This dog will come with an abundance of energy and an eager willingness to play with his owner. He will be easy to train, because he is smart and eager to please his master. In most cases, this dog will make a sweet, loveable and gentle family pet. Due to his fierce loyalty and courage, you may also find that your tiny Havanese pup will be an effective watchdog as well. While his size might keep him from looking too intimidating, his noise can be an effective deterrent to intruders. If you are interested in finding a Havanese puppy for your next family pet, the good news is that there are a number of breeders available today that offer these puppies for sale. Make sure that you purchase your pup from a reputable breeder to ensure that you get a puppy that is healthy and well bred.

Havanese dogs make fun and loveable family pets. It is a good idea to research Havanese information before adding one of these pets to your family.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Information On The Rare Havanese

Dogs are part of the family and should always be taken with you when you move – even it’s the 1500’s and the move is from "civilized" Europe to the wilds of the New World. But dogs braved the harsh sea voyages along with their families and settled down to start a New World with them. In Cuba, which Columbus claimed for Spain in 1492, a distinct spunky toy breed developed known today as the Havanese, named after Cuba’s capital city Havana.
The toy dogs from Europe eventually grew into their own characteristic selves in Cuba. Their fur got long and silky, giving them a name Havana Silk Dog, which they are still sometimes called. The coat got wavy or curly with two layers. Some shorthaired were born and sometimes still are, but they are not considered show worthy dogs. The eye rims, nose and lips are always black. They were considered a luxury item and the dogs of the upper class. When the Cuban Revolution hit, the upper class had to flee Cuba to America and Europe, and brought along their dogs.
The Havanese settled in well to wherever they are bound, and America has been no exception. They only arrived in America in the 1970’s so there are not as many as for more well established breeds. They are recognized the American Rare Breeds Association and the American Kennel Club. The Havanese makes great apartment and family dogs with a perky and optimistic attitude. They can be quite playful and need a good romp at least once a day. They continue to be the companion dogs of choice for those families lucky enough to live with them.

The National Dog of Cuba, the Havanese, which took centuries to develop, was nearly wiped out in the Cuban Revolution. Part of the story behind the Havanese is that they love to be with people, wherever they travel, in and out of the show ring.

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