Sunday, May 11, 2008

What Your Havanese Breeder May Not Be Telling You

Havanese puppies are one of the most loveable toy breeds available today. These beautiful little dogs provide fierce loyalty and affection to their owners throughout their entire lives, and deserve nothing less in return. Having only gained official recognition in the United States in the 1970’s these sweet little dogs have quickly gained popularity in dog lovers and competitors alike. This has opened up a huge market for respectable Havanese breeders although potential owners must still generally wait months, or even years, for the pup they so desire.

This has led to many dishonest breeders, otherwise known as puppy brokers, taking advantage of these dog lovers’ desire, and offering less than healthy pups for sale. Even though it can be quite tempting to purchase a Havanese from a pet store, as opposed to a Havanese breeder, brokers often supply these stores. Since the Havanese is prone to several genetic health problems, there is a rather extensive testing process done by honest breeders to ensure only healthy pups are sold. Brokers do not follow this testing, and are only interested in supply and demand.

Respectable Havanese breeders will make a potential buyer wait as long as it takes to ensure that the pups born are healthy. There is a rather extensive medical testing process that all Havanese pups need to go through, in order to make certain that they do not have any of the genetic problems as mentioned above. If the Havanese breeder you have chosen is honest, there will be quite a bit of documentation associated with this testing process. Make sure that you ask to see these papers, and be sure to check them out, either online on over the phone.

Another important question that should be asked of all Havanese breeders, is whether or not they will breed the same female every time she is in season. If the answer to this question is yes, then you are most likely dealing with a dishonest puppy broker, as opposed to an honest puppy breeder who respects the dogs that he or she is breeding. A respectable Havanese breeder will only breed a female every other season, or even every two seasons. This helps to ensure that the female has plenty of time to recover between litters.
When you consider the fact that a single Havanese puppy can cost you well over $1000, it seems only obvious that most people would want to make certain that they were getting their money’s worth in the pup they chose. Sadly, many people are simply in too much of a hurry to have their highly coveted dog right away to ensure that the practices of the Havanese breeder they have chosen are respectable and honest.

If you are unsure of how to choose a quality Havanese breeder, you should talk to your veterinarian, or to your local kennel club, and ask for a recommendation as to which Havanese breeder they hold in the highest regard. Remember, these adorable little pups are going to provide you with a lifetime of love and affection and it is worth the wait to ensure that you have a properly tested, and properly registered dog.

Understanding the difference between puppy brokers and quality Havanese breeders is an important part of Havanese ownership. This article provides valuable Havanese information for those who want to know how to choose between quality Havanese breeders and less than reputable puppy brokers.

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