Sunday, May 4, 2008

Choosing An Honest Havanese Breeder

With Havanese puppies becoming so popular over the last forty years, there has been a rash of dishonest breeders popping up in an effort to make a profit on the ever increasing demand for these playful little pups. These dishonest breeders, otherwise known as puppy brokers, have little regard for the condition of the lives of their dogs. Instead they are only interested in how many pups they can churn out in a single breeding season.

While spotting an honest Havanese breeder may be a chore, it really isn’t all that difficult if you know what to look for. These puppy brokers are usually the ones who supply Havanese puppies to pet stores across the country. One of the first steps to avoiding a dishonest Havanese breeder, is to be sure that you do your due diligence and research any breeder you are considering buying a puppy from. Part of doing this research, is avoiding buying a pup from a pet store, and instead only purchasing from an honest breeder.
Fake documentation is the number one method of operation by a fake Havanese breeder. This includes both false registration papers, as well as fake medical documents. Unfortunately, these papers are relatively simple to forge and are often mistaken as the real thing by unsuspecting buyers. You can help to protect yourself from this dishonest practice, however, simply by thoroughly researching any papers you are given by a potential Havanese breeder. This is much easier than people think.

The first step is to check the available online database of whichever association is listed on your pup’s registration papers. These databases allow you to not only be sure that your pup has been properly registered, but also to ascertain the exact registration of its parents. A check into the vet listed on any medical documentation will allow you to be certain that your pup has had all of the necessary tests done to ensure its health.
Also, it is important that you ask a potential Havanese breeder that you are considering how often they breed the female dogs in their care. If they tell you that they breed them every season, it is a good possibility that you are dealing with a fake Havanese breeder. Also, if the Havanese breeder in question tries to pressure you into a quick sale, you should be extremely wary, and run the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

As you can see there are many ways that you can make certain to avoid a dishonest Havanese breeder. The most important thing to remember is that only you can do the necessary research to ensure that your pup is exactly what you want. Havanese puppies are a wonderful addition to any home, and are well worth the wait necessary to ensure that you are getting your pup from an honest Havanese breeder.

Spotting dishonest Havanese breeders is easy once one is armed with all of the necessary information. Anyone looking for Havanese information on how to recognize a dishonest Havanese breeder needs to read this article.

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