Monday, August 4, 2008

Havanese Puppy Cut: How to Get it Right

Many of us know from the start that no matter the type of puppy we bring into our home, it will be loved unconditionally. But there is more information that must be known other then that. Knowing and understanding everything about your Havanese puppy’s history to grooming techniques and cuts will make sure that the transition into owning this dog is a smooth one. These are dogs that make not only great show dogs, but also wonderful house companions.

For most people, the grooming and care that is required for the Havanese puppy can be a shocking fact once the puppy is already into the home. So knowing your options is a key step. The ideal cut for these dogs is the Havanese puppy cut as it cuts down on brushing time, maintenance, and the risk of matting, which can lead to having to shave your puppy. Knowing the important facts about grooming your puppy is essential.
It is important that proper Havanese grooming begins early on in their puppy stage as this allows for the puppy to learn proper behavior while being groomed and a bond can grow during this process. While only a few keep the hair of their puppy long, most prefer the Havanese puppy cut as it is much easier to maintain. Brushing your Havanese allows you time to bond with your puppy but this also give you the chance to spot problems such as fleas and wounds.

Having the shorter Havanese puppy cut makes this task an easy one. Even with the Havanese puppy cut, owners will still want to brush their dogs a few times a week as they do still shed some. While they do not shed like other shorthaired dogs, the Havanese will shed some hair during brushing just as people do. Even with the puppy cut, you still want to brush regularly as this stimulates new hair growth and helps to distribute natural, healthy oils within their hair.
Now that we better understand the benefits for proper grooming and giving your little one the Havanese puppy cut, it is now time to understand what is needed to make a good cut happen properly. There are a few Havanese grooming supplies that all owners should have on hand in order to promote good Havanese grooming. You will want to have on hand a combination comb, a small soft slicker brush, a pin brush, and a flea comb. You also don’t want to forget that a really good conditioner is needed for keeping their coat in top shape.

To get the best Havanese puppy cut, it is important that your dog is placed on a sturdy table for the grooming process. And to prevent your puppy from sliding around or slipping off of the table, you will want to place a small towel and rubber backed mat down onto the table first. The proper Havanese puppy cut is one where the entire coat is trimmed down to about one inch. You will want to leave the ears and tail fully feathered to achieve the puppy look. By giving your loved one a puppy cut you and the pup will receive many benefits from practical maintenance to beauty.

Sharing with others the reasons for the Havanese puppy cut is just one of the ways to achieve that. Havanese grooming is not hard but there are important details that should be kept in mind. Knowing these facts and using the Havanese puppy cut will make your time with your puppy a treasured one. And while you don’t need a lot of Havanese grooming supplies, there are a few that are a must have in order to keep up the Havanese puppy cut.

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