Sunday, April 6, 2008

Havanese Dog and their Owners

In the 1900’s the Havanese dog went through a rough time as a breed. Since then, this dog has grown in popularity as a companion and a family pet, particularly in the United States. When this breed was harder to find, the cost of the Havanese dog had gone up considerably. Today, despite the increased availability of the breed, you can still find Havanese pups for as much as $1000. One of the biggest reasons that this breed is so sought after is the personality of the Havanese. If you are looking for a pet that will always be ready to play, will show unending loyalty to his family and keep you entertained regularly, then the Havanese is the dog for you. They also tend to work well in homes with children and other pets, although their small size can put them at a bit of a disadvantage. Don’t let that small size fool you however, Havanese dogs are fairly fearless, and make surprisingly good watchdogs. Their energy and playfulness will remain with them well into adulthood as well, so you don’t have to worry about your Havanese pup slowing down any time soon.
Although Havanese dogs tend to be submissive, eager to please and intelligent, this does not always translate to a dog that is easy to housebreak. Some breeders will warn potential Havanese owners that these pups will take some time and plenty of patience to learn the potty habit. One method that some Havanese owners have found to be effective is the use of a litter box indoors, which is a new housebreaking process that is being used more and more by owners of toy breeds. Havanese dogs also do best with a confined area outdoors that they can run in, although the space doesn’t need to be terribly large. This breed tends to have a lot of energy, and exercise outdoors can help them to work some of it off. The Havanese is also a social dog that loves plenty of attention from his family, so if you live in a house where no one is home all day, this might not be the right choice of dog for you. A Havanese that gets lonely and bored may well become a destructive dog.
All in all, the Havanese can be a great choice for a companion to an adult or as a family pet. This dog will come with an abundance of energy and an eager willingness to play with his owner. He will be easy to train, because he is smart and eager to please his master. In most cases, this dog will make a sweet, loveable and gentle family pet. Due to his fierce loyalty and courage, you may also find that your tiny Havanese pup will be an effective watchdog as well. While his size might keep him from looking too intimidating, his noise can be an effective deterrent to intruders. If you are interested in finding a Havanese puppy for your next family pet, the good news is that there are a number of breeders available today that offer these puppies for sale. Make sure that you purchase your pup from a reputable breeder to ensure that you get a puppy that is healthy and well bred.

Havanese dogs make fun and loveable family pets. It is a good idea to research Havanese information before adding one of these pets to your family.

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